need help with stretched lobes!!!!

Mikayla • I'm 23, married for 4 years, we have a beautiful 2year old little girl! she is our universe!!!! I'm a cancer in a home with two Capricorns!!!! Baby #2 due may 2019!

ive had stretched lobes for about 7 years now. about 2years in i stopped at 5/8. a few days ago i decided on a whim to go to a 3/4. ive always had issues using tapers because they always gave me trouble. that started when i went from 9/16 to 5/8. to get to that size i had to use silicone tunnels and had no issues. i know thats not the best idea but its what works for me. so i did the same this time around and they were sore of course the first day. today is the 4th day and they had started to do great but out of nowhere i get up this morning and my right ear is swollen and sore. it isnt unbareable just annoying. its been so long since ive done this that ive forgotten how to relieve it. ive been doing sea salt and warm water atleast once a day.

does anyone have any tips and

suggestions for how to help???