me and my mom always get into argument. but now we work together so we agrue even more. i been trying to move out for since 18 im 20 now. but i have this guy friend Josh that will do basically anything for me literally. bring me to my bf (he's 24 btw) house in the 8, 9 am. pick me up at 2 or 3am. i tell him everything drove me to work when me and my mom got into an argument. but this argument got serious she kicked me out the car in the middle of nowhere so at this point im ready to leave ik my friend has a spare room at his house so i asked him. Then i texted my bf that im moving out my mom house and living with my guy friend. so he texted umm wtf then tried to call me but i didnt cuz then i would have start crying and i was at work. so he was like i don't like that at all and that he know he's my friend but living with him is different. (my friend lives 5 mins away and bf lives 57mins away im going to call the closest one plus i not gonna try and live with my bf ik he's gonna want his space plus he has roommates and i don't want to be a problem. but my bf saying what he said i smiled and said finally some emotion, he's jealous. but last time i had promised my mom i would go to church and was tryna sleep at my bf house. so i was like oh shoot at 2 am so my bf was tired so i called my friend Josh and he picked me up and brought me home like at 3am. my bf said oooh your friend will just do anything for you and i was like yeah cuz he's a good friend. he's starting to get concerned like b4 i went home that night i stopped at josh house (his sister's graduation party was that night and i wanted cake) so i told my bf ill text him when i get home. i texted him saying you can say im home now im just getting some of josh sister cake. (yes that time i was tryna make him jealous) bc he's emotionless and i feel like he doesn't care bc he never say anything. i do have more guy friends then girls but there just friends and nothing more.