Baby Washes

🌿Amanda🌿 • Mama to my sweet boy 7/11/18 💙 TTC for #2

Ok so for my baby shower my MIL picked up some Johnson and Johnson baby wash, shampoo and lotion. 1 bottle of each. I was really leaning towards using Babyganics instead. I like that they have a wide variety of products. So yesterday at target I went to put some in the cart and my hubby argued with me that we already have some. I told him it's one bottle and Johnson and Johnson is full of chemicals. We will eventually need more, and id rather keep the stuff she bought as a last resort back up. What are some other brands you guys use? or am I overreacting with Johnson and Johnson? I have just heard from other moms it's not the "go to" anymore because of the chemicals they use. FTM here, if it's not obvious lol.