My birth story *TMI picture*

Courtney • 👼🏼 2-26-17 and now our Rainbow baby is here! 6-2-18 Carter Logan Freeborn 🌈👶🏼 and Easton Kent Freeborn due 7-26-19

My son Carter was due 6-2-18. Due to my family living out of state, and them only able to be here for a short window of time, (it was important that I had my mom in the delivery room with me) I asked about an elective induction. My doctor gave me the okay and we were all scheduled for 6-2-18 at 7 am exactly 40 weeks pregnant. (I was at 2.5 cm and 50% effaced) We got there, got all checked in and settled, and the nurse waited for the doctors orders. My doctor was on call that day which was amazing. She came in around 8:30 and asked if I wanted my waters broken. I said heck yeah! I’m ready to meet my little man. Not knowing what to expect or how long labor would be, I still had an open mind about all of this finally happening, and prepared myself to be there for a loooooonnnggg time. So boom, waters broken and now contractions start. Still very irregular and not strong. I knew I wanted an epidural at some point, but I wanted to labor as much as possible standing up and walking around until I couldn’t bare it anymore. By this time it’s around 12 or 1pm, and the doctor comes in and checks me again, only dilated to 3cm. It was time to start walking! I did about 5 laps around the family birthing center and boy did I kick start my contractions! They were on top of each other and I was in so much pain that I wanted to drop to the ground every time I got one. They were about 2-4 minutes apart. Around 2pm I was hooked back up to the monitors to check my contractions and his heart-rate everything was looking good. I hated being in bed during my contractions because it was so uncomfortable and I started getting panicky. I labored for a few hours more and at 5pm I asked for the epidural. That was so amazing! Didn’t hurt at all. I got about an hour and 45 minutes of sleep and the doctor came back in and checked me. Only at a 4.5 now :( she said she would come back in an hour or two and start pitocin. It’s about 8 pm now and she checked me and I only dilated .5cm to a 5 and she starts me on the first dose of pitocin. Within 2 hours I dilated to an 8!!! I started to feel the strength of the contractions in my butt to where I couldn’t help but clench my butt cheeks together. My nurse told me to try and relax those muscles so I wasn’t pushing him back up inside further. 20 mins go by and the pressure is constant. The nurse checks me and I’m at 10 cm, fully effaced, and ready to push! I do 3 rounds of practice pushes with 3 pushes each set of contractions. His head is right there and I’m freaking out! She calls the doctor in to deliver, and within 4 pushes with her, he’s out!!! 15 hours of labor and 25 minutes of pushing.

Carter Logan Freeborn - born 6/2/18 at 10:55 pm 8lbs 1oz and 19.5 in long.

He is so amazing and I still can’t believe he’s here