Drop in heart rate

Amber β€’ ttc #1 🌈with the love of my life at 33. 2 babies in heaven πŸ’™

Just got back from the ob, AGAIN. I've gone 1-2 times a week since the 2nd week of May. First it was blighted ovum, then it wasn't. Then we saw a heartbeat last Wednesday and measured at 6 weeks. Today I went in and the baby is still measuring at 6 weeks and the heart rate has dropped from 107 to 92 😒. I'm so lost. My emotions are sick of this roller coaster. I've was in limbo for 2 weeks straight (blighted ovum incident), and now here I am again. What do I Do? obviously time will tell, but I'm impatient and anxious. Did I mention we got this bad news 3 days before our wedding 😒😒😒 My heart is in so much pain, how am I supposed to be Happy?