I’m so ashamed of the $$

mommy • Mom to three angel babies, rainbow baby born 3.3.20 😍

It’s so sad how much money I’ve spent on test since TTC. It makes my heart ache to know some of you are having to pay out of pocket for your fertility treatments. Almost three years into TTC, three angel babies, and probably hundreds spent on test. Idk probably over 1000 because I know I spend about 50-80 a month on my ovulation and pregnancy test. I say money wasted but then again not really because it could one day show me a miracle I’ve been waiting on. Just trying to stay hopeful. My birthday is also when a BFP should show (June 30th) so hoping I get a good bday gift, ALSO due date would fall on my SO’s birthday! That’d be so great to find out on my birthday and be due on his. Just feeling hopeful this month. And just spent another $40 stocking up on the FRER and Clearblue