Have to get this out!!!


Let me start with my family fucking suck! (Sorry for the language) I have not one family member except for my mom and dad congratulate us on our pregnancy. However, the other day I posted a comment on Instagram saying how terrible my cravings are. McDonald’s and ice cream are all the baby wants. Never once said the cravings were healthy or I eat it all day everyday. So my hypocritical sister in law decided she was going to advise me that I shouldn’t do that and that will actually “hurt the baby”. Her words not mine. I couldn’t just sit back and just brush it off so I said “ I think I am entitled to eat some French fries or a milkshake once in a while it will definitely not hurt the baby, thanks”. Her response was “ oh yea I did that too when I was pregnant with Layla lol”. Bitch, not only did you just give me the hateful mom comment but you just admitted that you ate those type of foods too?!!!!!!!!! Ugh and she wonder why I NEVER have anything to do with her or my brother because they truly are assholes. Honestly, if you have nothing nice to say just keep your mouth shut!!!! Ok rant done.