Please respond HCG level at 5?

Rhiannon • \\Mama to Oscar & Amelia 💙 Wife to Gerard//

So I’m 9 days late for my period. I started getting very very faint positive tests on day 6 of being late.

Day 7,8&9 which is today. I am still getting faint positives. But the lines haven’t gotton darker. (Just stayed the same)

I had my bloods drawn on Tuesday when I was 6 days late and I got the results back yesterday and went in this morning to speak to the doctor.

My HCG was at 5.

She said that I’m either in the process of misscarrying or I’m in REALLY really early stages of pregnancy. (Like litterally a week)

I started cramping this morning and when I went to the toilet I saw blood when I flushed and wiped.

The bleeding has subsided now to just a “pinkish colour”

My question is.

If my HCG levels were at 5 on Tuesday. How is it possible to be getting faint positives STILL?.

HCG of 5 is litterally barely even concidered pregnant!!.

Doctor wants to re do bloods in a week provided the bleeding subsides.

She said the bleeding could be implantation or could be an early miscarriage, because I should technically be 5 weeks.. BUUUT. My periods have been VERY irregular since my ectopic 3 months ago. So it’s highly likely I ovulated way later which is why she suggested that I could be in the extremely early stages of pregnancy.

Guys. I know I’m probably just trying to cling on to the tiniest glimmer of hope here. But I would really love to hear some positive stories. Pleeeeaase.