Disrespectful sister

On 4/27/18 I gave birth to twin girls...my sister didnt come to “see” them until a month later. When I was pregnant my sister had nothing but negative things to say...she introduced me on numerous occasion as “her dumb ass sister who’s pregnant with twins.” She even went as far as to send me a very rude message which I will post below.

☝🏾 (This text basically was obviously about a phone bill, but before this...she was upset with my mom for not attending my nephews bday party. She started posting subs on fb about how she’s a single mom and she gets help from no one! My mom was really hurt by the shxt she was doing because unfortunately when we quarrel she keeps my nephew from us. So anyways she tried to make it seem that she was paying for my half of the phone bill, but she was not. And she was being very disrespectful towards my mother who bends over backwards for her whenever she needs something...(ME as well) she bends over backwards. Someone felt like I was hiding something more so I had to post the entire text (it’s a lil off topic too))

Growing up she has done some things for me, as I have for her. Never have I displayed a sign of ungratefulness, but sometimes you do things out the kindness of your heart and it shouldn’t be thrown back in peoples face. Also ** I AM NOT PROUD OF THIS TEXT BUT I LET HER GET UNDER MY SKIN & STOOPED DOWN 2 HER LEVEL! But I wouldn’t give her the satisfaction this time....

So like I said before she didn’t meet my daughters until they were a month old, she never apologized for the hurtful things that were said she went to go wash her hands and held my kids. She took a liking to my youngest daughter and would give my oldest the bare minimum of attention...(you cannot do that)

Anywho, one day my uncle and bf were outside talking and my sister pulled up and randomly began talking about me saying “the Bitch was mad her entire pregnancy that’s why JuJu (youngest) came out looking like me.” My bf asked her “why are you referring to your sister like that?” She said “I don’t like that bitch, I just want a relationship with my nieces. She’d be lucky if I don’t fight her bc her mouth is reckless.” One day last week I went and took my girls for their newborn photos and my bf texted me how my sister had just walked into our bedroom without knocking and was butt naked and she never apologized. Sunday evening, my nephew came knocking on the door telling me that his mom asked if she could come get the babies for an hour or two on Monday. I told him. “No” for the simple fact that they don’t have shots, and they’ve never been to anyone’s house, she hops around from dude to dude, and I didn’t like the fact that she couldn’t ask me herself. So she stopped by that night to drop her sons bag off, and she was trying really hard to make conversation with me but I kept it minimum. My daughter (JUJU, the one she favors) starts crying and she started running upstairs to my room but stopped midway and asked if My bf was dressed. I lied and told her NO (he was really at work) and went and got my daughter. She took her from my arms and really tried to get me to let her take her overnight! Again, i expressed to her NO! Monday morning, she pops up to the house and told her I had running around to do and wouldn’t be home til later. Truth is, I never left the house. I work for NYPD and they never came and picked up my equipment when I went on leave and I didnt want her lingering when the supervisor came for my equipment. About two hours later, there is a knock on the door. I go to answer it and no ones there so I close it back. Then the backdoor comes flying open...who is it...? My sister! I tell her the kids were sleep & didn’t want company and go back to my room. She lets herself out. She comes back an hour or so later as I am on the phone asking my cousin for advice because at this point I’m getting pissed at the fact that she’s popping up. She walks up the stairs and takes my daughter (now the oldest) out of my arms, wraps her in a blanket (it was 50 degrees outside) and sneaks her quickly thru the backdoor to show her friend . All my daughter had on was a t shirt, ! I go to the front door and ask her what she’s doing and she said she’s taking the baby out for fresh air and I told her to bring MY child back in the house NOW! I was livid btw!

Before bed my bf said he had told me he had asked her where I was (when she was rushing with my daughter outside) and her response was “I don’t know where that Bitch is at.” He asked again “why do you keep referring to her as a bitch. Her response was “if the shoe fits”

Today she texted me asking me if the girls were up? And I never responded, I had spoken to my mom about my concerns but never actually said anything to my sister because everything with her usually turns into a physical fight . && what I wanted to say, I felt needed to be said with my mother there so that nothing would be misunderstood...Sure enough, she popped back up today but was locked out. She called, and I didnt answer. I sat here all day trying to find the right words to explain to her how I felt without stooping to her level...this is how it went

Safe to say she will probably never have a relationship with them. I was to the point where I just wanted to be cordial and I was allowing her to come around but I cannot have the negative energy and the hostility she displays towards me around them. I don’t want them growing up thinking it’s acceptable to treat someone in this manner, especially each other. That’s not what sisterhood is about.


These are my daughters 💕