Dick confirmed!


Okay I saw everyone doing this with their boyfriends/husbands and I had to try it out!

Was not disappointed 🤣🍆🤣🍆🤣


Best dick appointment of my life oh my gosh y’all😉

I got to his house around 1 and then we were cuddling and talking on the couch. All of a sudden he asks me what time is was...it was 2:15😂 he’s like, “oh well my appointment started at 2” and then carries me upstairs.

It was some of the best sex we’ve ever had ladies ughhh...we went out for fro yo afterwards, came back and went for round two🤤🤤🤤

I said that his appointment was at 2, and he was going to be charged an “overtime fee” 🤣 he goes “I’ll pay the biggest fee that I need to to have more time with you”. 😢😉😉