16 and Pregnant *UPDATE*


I was a straight A student. I cheered on a competitive high school team that competed in Dallas at Nationals every other year, I cheered on an all star cheerleading team, I was well behaved and polite, I never snuck out or partied, never lied to my parents, only ever had one boyfriend my entire life, and at 16 found out I was going to be a mother. I was in between changing birth controls and it happened. I thought my life was over. The difference between my story and the average 16 and pregnant story was my support system. My family, my friends, my coaches, and even my teachers. I had a lot of people behind me to push me and keep me on the right track. The main people being my PARENTS. If your child ends up pregnant at a young age, abortion should not be your solution. I kept my daughter. She changed my whole world, for the better. She didn’t ruin my life. She IS my life. Her father and I stayed to together (broke up for a year when we were 18) got back together, and got engaged at 20, and married at 21 (we started dating when we were 14). After I had my little girl, I went back to school after being home schooled my entire pregnancy (I had a few complications). I got back on my high school cheer team and we were undefeated and won Nationals. I finished school with awesome grades. Got accepted into a University, cheered on a scholarship for two years at that university, and will start my senior year in the fall and graduate next year (a semester after planned, but I’m doing it!). I honestly couldn’t have done any of this without my PARENTS! Accept the things you can not change and make something of it. Prove everyone wrong, don’t become a statistic. I recently saw a post asking “what should I do my teen is pregnant”. Support her. Encourage her. Surround her with people that are going to lift her up and not tear her down. Her future is up to her, but it’s going to be your job to tell her she can make it! God will never put you through a situation you can’t handle, and no child is ever a mistake.

First trophy with my baby girl!

High school graduation 🎓

College football game with my daughter and now husband.

Waving to the crowd. Go UTC Mocs!

Our wedding day.

The love my daughter and I share.

The relationship her and my mom have!

Our little family!

Maternity pictures at 16.

About six weeks with our little Brynlie Rayne. We were just babies ourselves.


We had our second daughter! She is almost 4 months old ! I’m still in college, and on track to graduate in December! We could not be more proud of both of our girls. So thankful for the love and support that lead us to be confident in growing together and having a family of our own while going after our dreams!