Thank You Everyone!!


I just wanted to thank everyone on here that has answered any questions my wife has had. it truly means a lot to me, as I try to understand what she is going through. Yes we are a Married lesbian couple and I just never realized the struggle to conceive even for straight couples. This app has truly opened my eyes to a lot of things and I am still trying to get down what everything means (dpo,ttc, bd,) all of that stuff! My wife even made a cheat sheet with what most of them mean. Its cute and kind of funny at the same time. I am really trying so hard to understand and just be here for her and show support. I think it's even harder because I have always been the more boyish in the relationship. lol! but anyways I am already not in touch with my feminine side so much. She is the one going through all the body changes and insemination while I chill on the sofa and play video games she is the one with her legs up on the sofa and a pillow under her bottom. haha... I guess it's just all a learning experience. once again thank you all!!!