Career advice greatly appreciated

Hi everyone. I’m 20 years old, TTC for our first baby.

I work for a (formerly) amazing company. I love my job, my coworkers, everything. I make really good money, they’re understanding of my schoolwork (I’m in my senior year of my BS in business) and they’re openly amazing about me TTC. Yes, you read right. My work is supportive of me having a baby.

Recently, we’ve been going through a lot of financial trouble, come to find out it’s due to some shady dealings, cover ups, and staff abuse (I work for a human services field).

Some bigwigs quit on the spot a few days back, and everyone seems fine, but I’m scared I’m riding a sinking ship here....

I find out if I’m pregnant in 2 weeks.... what do I do if I am pregnant?

Should I stop TTC if I’m not and wait another 6-12mos to get settled in a new job where I definitely won’t be treated with as much respect for my young age? Or ride the ship down until I give birth and gain another years experience?