Should we break up???

Before i start i don't want to sound dramatic in anyway...

So my boyfriend and i just finished school and we've been talking a lot except for the past few days. Normally he never forgets to tell me he loves me. But yesterday all he said was hey and I said hi back but he left me on read. Later on i sent him one of those chain mail things and he left me on read again. Today he said he has a doctors appointment but i also have a hair appointment which might take more than an hour... I really don't want to lose him because he is the love of my life. He makes me my best self. And without him i feel empty. He gives my life its worth. He is the reason i wake up every morning. But we're drifting apart slowly and I don't want him to break my heart... But i also don't want to break his.

What do i do???

I will update y'all and tell u guys if it gets better or worse

UPDATE: thank you ladies for the advice it was very helpful we went to the park and we have started talking a lot again i think he realized what he had done and is trying his best to make it up to me... Again thank you so much ❣❣