Honestly just need to vent for a second. My boyfriend and I were together for over 4 years. We broke up for 8 months. We just needed to experience life for a bit. We dated as teenagers and just had a lot of growing up to do. But we really couldn’t stay away from each other. We were back together for about 6 weeks before we found out we had gotten pregnant. At first I feel like he was slightly excited, nervous but excited. However, as each week has passed, I’m almost 10 weeks now, he seems more and more distant to the subject of the baby. He’s ok with me, our talks and relationship seem normal, but any time I bring up the baby he full on like panics or just says nothing or says really hurtful things like “well this wasn’t my plan and you know that” well it wasnt mine exactly either but I know I’ve always wanted to be a mother and that at 23 I’ll be able to provide a good life for my child. Just really lonely right now when I feel like I’m the only one excited and wanting to plan. Anyone else have a partner not thrilled right away? And did they ever warm up? I’m terrified he’s just going to resent me and we’ll end up apart which makes me so so sad for my baby and myself. Any advice would be great but please nothing mean.