Suggestions for best bug repellent.

Natalie • Wife and mother of an eight year old boy and a 16 month old girl!

I'm severely allergic to mosquitoes. I went outside with my son for only 15 minutes and got six bites. I really don't want to deal with allergic reactions or risk getting mosquito transmitted diseases. I live in North Carolina and the mosquitoes are crazy out here. Especially at our apartment. We have a pond (more like a cesspool) like fifty feet from our building and it seems to be the perfect breeding grounds for the nasty bugs. I don't want to be stuck inside for my whole pregnancy. I have a six year old son who wants to play outside but doesn't always have a friend to go outside with. I also want to wear shorts during the blazing hot summer days. So I need suggestions for the absolute best bug repellent you know of. Thanks!