Kind of long...

First off I didn’t know what topic to place this is in but I need some help. Over the course of the past few weeks I’ve had a lot of things happen to me. A little back story I’ve always struggled with my mental health, which at one point caused me to be placed in a detention center until a spot opened at a psychiatric center.... well while I was there I tried getting into religion and finding God but I was looking in all the wrong places. Forward to today I thought maybe if I had guidance I could do it. My reasoning... two years ago on the 23rd if this month I lost my grandma unexpectedly and still haven’t accepted her death. Two weeks ago my fiancé and I found out his grandpa who literally raised him has stage 4 cancer. ( they haven’t yet made a treatment plan). Two days ago his dad started having heart problems and wash rushed to the hospital. And then to top it all off today my vehicle was taken from the bank, also unexpectedly. We never received a notice. So anyway we need to come up with over $2500 to pay back pay from when his grandparents had the loan before they will give it back. My point of this post to not to get pitty but to help and guidance in trying to find God. I think it might be helpful for me. Please no negative comments. To those that do help me, thank you a head of time.