Disappointed in myself!!!

Got diagnosed with this gestational diabetes during this first pregnancy of mine and just a few days ago went to dietitian and she gave me a meal plan and told me how many carbs I can have for breakfast lunch dinner and snacks and to check my levels and ive been trying to keep up with it and doing my best to avoid sugary stuff including juice and I’ve been doing not to bad for these past few days since I started it but tonight checked my sugar level and it was 150 and she wrote on my paper that no more then 120 two hours after dinner. I’m a little disappointed in myself because I don’t want my child to be too big for me to be induced too early the already said I will be getting induced at 29 weeks and I’m just so upset that my sugar is this high I don’t even want to write it on my paper that I have to take to the doctors every time I go to monitor my diabetes.....just a bit heart broken that I’m messing up already and I only have like 2 months to go 😕😢