Can I vent without being judged?


I need to start off by saying that it took my husband and I 5 years to get don't get me wrong, this pregnancy is a pure blessing. I am beyond grateful to be pregnant and love this baby already. But I need to vent. HOW THE HECK DO WOMEN HAVE MORE THAN ONE BABY? I am miserable!!! Lmao!! I am only 22 weeks and my body hurts. Each night I get 2-4 leg cramps that wake me up with a searing pain. When I finally wake up in the morning it feels like the first hour of the day I am walking on rocks! My feet kill me! I keep gaining weight. I am always sweating. It's been in the mid 90's every day since mid May and it kills me. I cannot tolerate the heat anymore. Not to mention I don't ever want to bend over anymore... LOL this is hard you guys!!!!! Anyone else struggling?