Making a baby seems like a chore....

Latasha • PCOS, 4 years infertility, never been pregnant, married, we just started IUI's.

Here's my stats:

Time TTC:4 years

PCOS: yes

I just had surgury called larasopic for them to explore and so they can do cystic blasting. They found I had a endometriosis and a binin tumor. Now before my sex drive was basically nonexistent, like more than trying for years but more like I didn't get aroused as easily. After the surgury i feel horny all the time, like they pushed a button in there or something. Anyways we cant start <a href="">iui</a>'s until next cycle, so they said this cycle can just be natural baby making. So this week we got a high ovulation on clear blue so we started baby making, we had sex every other day per doctor. we were off to a good start and it was great sex. but tonight we tried the fourth time this week and it just feels like a chore. now I know what ur thinking change it up, like different positions or role play. trust me we have done this all through the years. but after a while of infertility it gets to feel like a chore. I know I'm suppose to say we love each other and we are fighting for our future miracle. we love each other deeply and we try our very best but bottom line the times of whispful lovers is gone and the time of timed baby making and doctor guidelines is here.

so my question is does anybody else feel like this like making a baby fee

ls like a chore? and what do u do to fix it, because I cant be the only one.