I’m really scared to post this so I’m doing it anonymously and probably won’t reply to comments however I do appreciate it.

So I have these scares on my arms from self harm and I’m always get self conscious when people look at them weird but like I can’t stop I use to do it on my legs n I sometimes still do but now it’s summer I can’t hide them but on my wrist my mum just doesn’t seem to notice and I really want to stop but I can’t cause the one person that helped me through it and made it bearable left me like we spoke all day everyday and we were so close but then one day they just left me no reason no warning they just left (this was about 3 months ago I’d been clean almost 6 months until this) and ever since I just can’t stop I will do one or two on my wrist wait for it to heal then do some on my legs In separate places so it doesn’t look suspicious.

Here’s a photo off my wrist I know it doesn’t look bad but it look worst in person

The bottom one we done a couple off hours ago so just looks abit red the top one is still healing and the ones in the middle are scars I’ve used creams which have worked with some but the rest are still there 😬🤦‍♀️