af is late bfn....late bfp

okay so long story short AF is now 7 days late for me. ....I usually have a couple.PMS symptoms like sore boobs and watery cm...well I haven't had none of that. I have had some cramps mainly on my left side on and off the last 3 weeks. ...a couple nights I felt nauseous but never threw up ..and one night when I got a Lil dizzy but it didn't last long. ..I tested at 2 days late and got a bfn. and tested again at 6 days late and got a bfn. I've heard several stories of girl not getting bfp until very late. so I'm just wandering how many out there got late bfp and asking for your stories. (when I say late I mean like 3 or more days late on AF. not the day before or