Very low milk supply


Hi ladies,

I am 17 days out from a c-section and have been working on breastfeeding but have hit some setbacks along the way.

When we got home from the hospital, baby was latching wonderfully, although I don’t believe I was producing much. Then last week I ended up back in the hospital due to postpartum preeclampsia. This took a physical and emotional toll on me and I fell off track. When my husband was able to be with me at the hospital with the baby, we were still breastfeeding and supplementing. But since we’ve been home, baby doesn’t seem to want to latch and when he does, he gets very upset because he’s not getting milk as quickly as he would in the bottle.

I started pumping, but I am getting very little output. Is there a way I can increase my supply? How often would I need to pump, or is it a lost cause already being 2 weeks postpartum?

Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you.