Low iron and vitamin D levels, help?

Christel πŸ’‹ β€’ Married 10/14/2017β™₯️ Mommy to Jace 11/25/2018πŸ’™πŸ’š

I had my blood work done last Thursday and my Dr called me this morning and told me that I have low iron and low vitamin D levels. She said she called in 2 prescriptions for supplements to my pharmacy. Well I cannot afford another prescription this month. So far Metformin, 2 rounds of macrobid, a different antibiotic, and some cream stuff.

My husband went and bought over the counter iron and D3 supplements for me. He wanted me to wait to speak to my dr tomorrow before I took them, but I went ahead and took them tonight, because I am over having a migraine, being cold, and being lightheaded. I wanted to see if they would help.

I can’t say much so far other than my migraine has decreased to a slight headache.

But I want to know what have others done in this situation? Are over the counter supplements okay or should I wait until I can afford the prescriptions?