do i have a right to be upset


so I went into the Family Planning today to get on birth control and you know im really emotional about officially stopping trying to conceive and I had been prescribed the NuvaRing about 10 11 months ago and I told the doctor that I was breastfeeding she prescribed me the nuvaring when I went in today to get the same thing and just refilled my prescription come to find out that I shouldn't be taking an estrogen based birth control while breastfeeding and I was already emotional because I'm still coping with the factor stopping trying to have a second baby and so I ended up having to get the implant in my arm and I don't know I was just kind of really upset that they had prescribed it to me before and I shouldn't I shouldn't have been prescribed in the doctor was well aware I was breastfeeding and this is like the second time that this is happened where I've been prescribed something that wasn't safe during breastfeeding why don't doctors listen to me when I say I am breastfeeding it's just super frustrating

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