Size, Kinda Matters.... HELP!

Hey, Everyone! So I recently started seeing this guy and we've really hit it off (and yes have had sex). My (first world) problem is that he has a small dick, probably the second smallest I've had. To the point where it interups the 'rhythm' of 'getting it on' because it sometimes 'falls out'. I want to know three things... A) Have you experience this with someone you saw a future with? B) Do you have any tips/tricks to make him bigger? C) Because this is a sensitive subject, even though my guy readily admits he's small, How did you bring it up to him, that you want to try something that makes him bigger? I know it sounds shallow but the best I've ever had was with someone who was a lot bigger, and I'm wondering if I'm kissing that 'ship' good-bye, if I continue a future with this guy.