PSA: First time mommas!

This goes out to all the first time mommas out there. ENJOY YOUR SLEEP! Literally, before that baby comes pamper yourself! Once you have a baby it feels like it all goes out the window. My son is 1 and I’m still not sleeping. He doesn’t go to sleep until 3AM-4AM.

I had so many people who told me to enjoy myself and my sleep before the baby came and I kept thinking “it’ll be fine.” THEY WERE NOT JOKING! Love yourself, pamper yourself, and SLEEP!

If the nurses ask you to put baby in the nursery for 1 night, typically the night you give birth. Do it. You will be exhausted from everything you just went through. I know it is exciting to have the baby in there with you. But once the baby is in the room I’m telling you, you will most likely be afraid to sleep when he/she does.

I am only saying all of this because no matter how many children you have, it is hard raising human being and moms tend to forget about themselves. A lot. So remember that you need some time too, you need to stay mentally, emotionally, and physically healthy as well. That’s all I’ll say. Take this as you want. Thanks for reading this far.