I got my VBAC 😍


At my first ultrasound my doctor asked if I wanted to do a trial of labor or go ahead and have a c-section set up so we had a pan for my pregnancy. Because I never went into labor and only had a c-section prior because my son was breech I really wanted to try for a VBAC. We ended up setting up a back up c-section for a week after my due date just Incase I didn’t go into labor. So the back up was originally set for June 19th. As it got closer and closer to my due date I was nervous that I would never go into labor. At my appointment on my due date on the 12th I asked them to push back the c section to have a few more days to try to go into labor naturally. We were able to get the date pushed back until the 21st.

On the 19th I had lost hope and finally gave into the idea that I would have to get the c-section. Set up accommodations for my son and finished getting the house stocked up.

At 3:30am on Wednesday the 20th I started having contractions that woke me up out of a dead sleep. They were 4-6 minutes apart for about 3 hours before we went into the hospital. We finally get there and I was only at 1cm.

We were told to walk around for 2 hours to try and make progress so I walked up and down several sets of stairs did some squats and made sure I walked the whole two hours I was determined not to go home. We go back into triage I dilated to a 3 the contractions had gotten more intense and I lost my mucus plug and had my bloody show right after my cervix check.

Around 1 my water broke everywhere and the contractions continue to increase I got the epidural around 330 to help with the pain.

At 9 pm it was finally time to start pushing. At 10:40 pm my little girl was finally here!

Still can’t believe that I was able to successfully give birth to such a beautiful little girl 😍