Trash ass man.

Soo I have been dating this guy and he’s definitely not who I thought he was and he has zero respect for me and has treated me like garbage our entire relationship. He was manipulative and emotionally abusive. I was going to break it off but he recently went to the hospital for liver failure or whatever because of his excessive drinking (borderline alcoholic) so I postponed the break up. He THEN called me in the hospital crying about how he was in so much pain and blah blah. Then the next day went back out drinking and popping pills with his friends and when I confronted him about his behavior I get this text the next day (Today)

That’s all. Just wanted to complain about how trash guys are sometimes. I feel sad (again lack of respect) that is was a quick text message but slightly relieved that he’s no longer my problem.

Have fun with your friends. ☺️