I'm scared

I was having sex with my bf, we use condoms, these last few months, he would make up an excuse to not use protection, he conviced me of doing the pull out method, and I let him like if he was the boss of me, he's been trying to finish inside of me, and he did a few times, but these last week, he actually did it the day of my ovulation, I'm pretty regular, after the day I took the pill (wich was the day after ovulation), he did it again. He just finished in me and was like "oh, sorry, I couldn't handle it", and I got so scared, I don't know what to do, should I talk to him? he always gets offended when I point out something that he did wrong, and blames it all on me, he's super jealous, I never had the courage to leave him, he gets crazy and yells at me, and I feel so lost, I feel dumb, I got myself in trouble, and I'm scared of falling pregnant now. Sorry for the long post, but I don't have somone to talk about it.