Papi 😍


So Sunday morning I got up super early to get all dolled up because I had to go to work. :( my boyfriend was still in bed super sleepy so I ate breakfast and 30 mins before I had to leave I went up to bug him/ day good bye. When he woke up he was all over me calling me beautiful, I wore my favorite of the shoulder sundress so I was feeling myself. We started kissing and slowly things got interesting. Before I know knew it he had put me me in doggy arched enough so were my face wouldn’t touch the bed, with my panties around my ankles and my sundress pulled up. It’s so hot seeing a man just take control like that. It was incredible. He was so rough spanking me but also being careful not to mess with my make up or hair 💖 we only had 30 mins so I had to cut it short and leave. But all day we were sexting like never ever before. He sent me a couple dick pics captioned “waiting just for you babygirl.” And he kept going on and on about how I drove him crazy this morning and how beautiful I am 😫 so fast forward...I get home from work, we go out for dinner come home and lay down. I was about to go get ready for bed I was still in my dress and we were cuddling. We 2 full body mirrors facing our bed so I could see him start rubbing my thighs. Caressing me he kept pulling on my panties and kissing my neck and ears then kept alternating between rubbing my boobs and pussy. I got so turned on I begged him to just fuck me already so he completely took of my panties. He then pulled my dress so it was just kinda sitting around my waist so he has access to everything. He was super hard already so he just rammed into me. He immediately grabs a handful of hair and starts pounding away. (Seriously recommend full body mirrors) it was so hot watching him fuck me! He got so into it he asked “ you like when daddy fucks you baby?” And once he starts dirty talking I turn into mush in his arms 😍 he came in that positions and asked me if I came and I said “almost 🙃” he turned me on my back so I was facing him and he said “ we can’t have that baby, cum for me.” He reaches down as he said that and started finger fucking me with his cum still Inside me😱😱 that was such a turn on for some reason. He kept talking dirty to me and biting on my neck at the same time...I squirted once and then had the most intense orgasm. I love how dirty and comfortable we are. I just laid there recovering from one of the best Os I’ve had and after a little bit we just laid there and cuddled. We told each other how much we love one another and how lucky we are to be in a relationship that works SO well. I can’t stop thinking about yesterday.