Need some help!!

Grace • Yeah

Hey ladies I need some help and you military ladies will be the perfect people to help!

So here’s my story.....

My daughters biological father(we aren’t together) says he’s in the army. I know for sure he was in when she was a month old because I took her on base to see him. We are currently in a serious custody battle. My lawyer who is prior service has disbelief that he’s still in the military. He was supposed to have her enrolled in tricare in April but says that the army says she can’t be put in his insurance because he doesn’t have 51% custody. He is constantly saying that he can’t do this and he can’t do that because the military won’t allow him to. His child support doesn’t go through the state or military it is a personal checked signed by his mom.

So here’s my question......Is anyone stationed at Ft Lewis in Washington State? Could someone help me find out of this POS is really in the Army or if he’s lying? Please I’m absolutely desperate