Just a rant

Jessica • Happily Married 💍 Cat mom of 3 boys🐈 🐱, MC👼🏻6/27/2018.. Pregnant with my 🌈👶🏼.. Due at the end of September 2019🌈💜

I had a miscarriage on June 27. I was almost 12 weeks. I’ve been absolutely devastated. But I’ve been trying to keep it together as much as I can around my husband. I’m just trying to stay strong when we are together. When I was pregnant, I was loving the single to go servings on cereal. I had a lot of them in the cupboard. And still do. My husband came home from the grocery store last night with like 10 more single cup servings of different cereals. And he was saying he knows how much I like them. I just didn’t have the heart to tell him I was only liking those while I was pregnant. I’m just too sad to even look at them or eat them. Ugh. I just hope it gets better.