Ki • FTM babygirl born Nov.12❤️

Does anyone else struggle with depression during their pregnancy? All i feel is lonely and upset. I feel like i’m going through this alone because my boyfriend hasn’t spent any money to help me out getting prepared for the baby, when he’s home he is always on his phone or too into a show that what i say goes in one ear & out the other. Whenever i initiate we do something he gets upset like it’s inconvenient but he always wants to find an excuse to go to his dads or just to be away from me. i really don’t know what to do. When i bring up how i’m feeling he gets upset at me saying that “everything revolves around me” when i really only want to do things with him that would be fun for both of us to spend doing together. last night i finally just left to my sisters because i couldn’t sleep and when i got home i slept on the couch. i told him it’s better if i just called him a roommate, was that too harsh? i don’t know why it’s so hard to ask to feel wanted.