Pregnancy hormones?

Background: so he works 3pm-3/4am. He also doesn’t get up until 1pm, SO YOU CAN IMAGINE I WANT TIME WITH HIM.

1st issue: I wanted to talk to him while he played PUBG and he joined a party to talk to whoever anyways. I am not kidding when I say I immediately went to the room, locked the door, and didn’t let him in. He had to screw off the doorknob just to get in

2nd issue: I stay awake till he gets home. Every night after work he’s like “sorry I’m late had to *enter excuse*”. He’s getting pissed off because “he has no control over it” but I’m pretty sure he has control over going to Waffle House or not. He also picked up this random person and took them home. I’m honestly surprised he didn’t learn not to do that after a guy took all of our money while driving him to Walmart. And I mean these things last 2 hours after work.

Am I crazy or do y’all understand too?