Oh he just couldn’t wait !

Treasure • 07/05/18 👶🏽

Ok, let me start off by saying I developed gestational hypertension from my second trimester all the way up until I had him. My blood pressure stayed high without improvement so my doctor decided she’d have me to be induced a week before my due date (my due date was July 15th, then July 12th) and I was scheduled to be induced on the 5th. I was pretty upset learning I’d be induced because I really looked forward to going into labor on my own especially since it was my first pregnancy, so I was a bit disappointed. I was huge & measured 42 weeks, I had a lot of fluid and it was sooo much strain on my body, especially being a curvy woman before pregnancy as well so I was determined to try and get things rolling. I would walk everyday & would get on my yoga ball everyday. Ok fast foward, For a whole week starting the 28th of June I would have strong contractions everyday, multiple times a day but they were very irregular but strong so I was pretty excited because I just KNEW baby boy would come on his own before the induction day, My body was just telling me. The days went by & went by and by the 4th I was super nervous like ‘omg will he come on his own, please come on your own’ so the morning Of the 4th I woke up and got my day started, And Immediately started having those strong contractions again, there were about 10 minutes apart that whole day and I literally told everybody “oh he’s coming on his own” watched the fireworks, went home & thats when 💩 got real lol. At 11:00pm my contractions were about 3 to 4 minutes apart, pulled out my timer & timed them for over an hour, by 12:30am I’m like ok this is the real deal. I call the doctor & they tell me to come in, I get up and tell my SO and he thinks I should wait a few more hours since I was being induced at 3:00 but I knew baby boy was coming any second & sure enough as soon as I step up the first foot of our stairs, my water breaks, my SO freaks out running around packing his bag in seconds and we head out. When we get there they put me in a room snd my water is constantly flowing out, I have a huge puddle all over the room and had to use the bathroom but didn’t want to go out across the hall to te bathroom and have it look like a huge snail slid across the hall with so much of my water flowing lol. After my water stops & I use the bathroom they check me im only 2cm dilated, few hours later I’m at 6cm, by that time I’m like my body has been drained for over a week amd I just needed to be able to get a good nap in through the contractions in order to push, so I got medicine through the iv & was able to sleep but by the time it wore off, it still wasn’t time to push, they couldn’t give me more because it made baby really sleepy and they couldn’t over do it. I wanted to avoid epidural but I knew that my body was still too weak so I ended up getting it and by the time the anesthesiologist finished putting it in I was 10cm and doctors encouraged me to try and push but after a few tries, my pushes were just not strong enough so they let me take a nap and when they came back I was able to push. It took me 20 minutes to push and baby boy came out with his arm up to his face, looking as if he was waving, both me and my SO boohoo cried when we saw out beautiful little boy while our mothers cherished the moment of welcoming their first grandchild.

Devante Marquise Cherry Jr. Born 07/05/2018 6lbs 11.6oz. We’re so in love with our beautiful baby boy 💙💙💙 Post your beautiful July babies ❤️💙