Grape sensitivity??

Jesse • 5-15-13 👦🏻 10-20-16 👶🏼 July 2017 👼🏻👼🏻 7-8-19🌈 👶🏼 boy mama 💙💙💙

So my 20 month old loves seedless grapes. We buy all types - red, green, etc. he will eat them by the fistfuls and it’s his favorite snack. Now he doesn’t have them every day, but he’ll have them every couple days. I’ve noticed whenever he has grapes he seems to have diarrhea (I can see the grape skins like it just went right through him) and a small rash on his butt (might be from having so many loose stool diapers or food related, but not sure). It clears up with any type of diaper rash cream.

Do grapes cause bowel movements? Like when someone drinks prune juice or has too much juice? I use those whenever my boys would be constipated. Or is this a food intolerance he’s having?

We have our 2 year wellness check in October, so I’ll bring it up at the dr. It’s not super urgent. I can simply cut out grapes if it continues to bother him. I just have never heard of someone being allergic or having problems with grapes before and wanted some insight from all of you if it’s just a diuretic food or an irritant.