35 weeks pregnant and THIS happens

So I left the company I was with back in March, thus ending my employer health plan. I’m now getting my medical claims from April back that are being bounced from my Medicaid back to my “employer health plan” because I am still in their system as a full time employee. I have called every one involved including HR support of that company and because their system says I am still a fucking employee even though I’m clearly not, they have to speak to personal HR who already gave me proof of my employee end-date, to bounce the claims back to Medicaid to be reprocessed (which takes 7-10 business days to change in the system). I have several claims that are still being processed through this company because they are being listed as my primary health care provider no matter how many times I say that it’s not valid anymore and the ones from APRIL just got processed on the 3rd of this month. I’m supposed to give birth in just a few weeks.

1. How is this my responsibility when my “termination” wasn’t communicated to all parts of the company? They refuse to take my personal word for it!

2. What in the world am I supposed to do with the claims that are going to be processed after my Medicaid is supposed to end in October? (Not to mention Medicaid has been giving me trouble since January because the person who filed my info put my birth date as 1973 instead of 1993 and they refuse to change it which has already been a huge issue with my doctor and pharmacy).