guidelines due to inlaws. obviously there are common sense things not mentioned, like dont come when sick since shes due in early november.


I'm trying to help this experience go more smoothly than it did with my first. With my first, I had my mom, husband, and MIL in the room. I regret my MIL being in there since she took pictures of my vagina while I was pushing out my son without even asking permission (I would have said no and she knows me enough she would know that), and instead of helping support me, my husband and her were standing in a corner talking and laughing.. my mom, nurses, and doctor were the only supportive ones. So she wont be in the room this time. Last time after skin to skin, my mom had also just gotten my son, and she barely got to hold him a minute before they ripped him out of her arms because my husbands step-dad was pushy and ready to leave. And as I said, my mom was my main support. Then they would ask my husband if they could come over, and no matter how I was feeling (my husband has never really helped with our son even from the beginning, plus I had an episiotomy 2nd degree) show up, even the day after we got home. Hell, we left the hospital and had to go to his moms for awhile. And then they'd come over and just snatch my new little baby away from me, and even when he was hungry (I exclusively breastfed) they wouldnt give him back until he was screaming and red-faced. It was literally just a mess and I am trying to avoid all of that from happening again.