Miracle Baby<3

Trying for almost a year I began to think me and my husband would never have a baby. Miscarriages are so often in my family its crazy my mom lost 30 babies 23 miscarriage (some twins). I have had a few myself but lost do to abuse and very young age...My husband has a genetic problem as well. The men in he's family cant produce sperm he was a miracle baby as well doctors said he's father could never produce a child but my husband was born as his dad's only child and it remained that way. When we experienced our first miscarriage together I thought that was it if he ever would get me pregnant I'd lose it i thought it was my fault I lost the first child and he/she was my only chance I'd have of being a mom. We kept trying and there was so many negative test and periods coming in destroyed my hope. This month I had a feeling not like before I could never explain it to anyone I thought I knew I was pregnant before but this time I knew I knew. I took a test and it was positive and imma do whatever it takes to keep this baby im getting in health and reading everyday how to protect my baby I love him or her so much I'm not letting anything happen as long as I can stop it