Pink when wiping normal at 37 weeks?


37+6 today and last night wiped and tissue was pink and snotty, (not my plug). I apologise for the following graphic description... it was like the same as when you go to the toilet after you have had sex to get rid of “his boys”.. it looked like that but pink. (I didn’t have sex btw)

This morning, same again. Accompanied by back ache.

3rd time being this pregnant but never had this before.

Lost my plug 1st time round so I know what that looks like and this wasn’t it.

Thanks for any answers ladies. It’s too early to call midwife and it doesn’t seem like a huge deal to bother her with anyway.

Just wondering if it’s normal. Last two babies were over due by 8 days and 10 days so definitely not expecting anything labour related for a few weeks yet :)

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