Should I be.?

So my boyfriend doesn’t like to give head because he doesn’t like the taste of it. He also told me of his ex that he fingered his ex girlfriend and she smelt bad so he just shoved his fingers in her mouth which he has done to me and I’ve asked him if I smell and he says no. But it’s kind bothering me.. I give him head and I decided to stop since I don’t like the taste of cum and at one point he was saying how pussy just goes with head and his friend had backed him up with it saying how he would be mad if his girlfriend said no morehead it’s just hitting my self esteem a lot I just wanted some advice. He says “sorry” andhow he “should just do it” and I just tell him it’s fine if you don’t like the taste then you don’t have to do it he doesn’t like the taste just because of one of his ex’s he didn’t like the taste plus she didn’t shave right