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I got pregnant end of 2016 with a sweet baby girl and lost her at 22 weeks in March 2017. From April we tried till August I didn’t expect much and we stopped trying from End of August till beginning of November to give my body some time. In November we started trying again with opks vitex preseed and prenatal pills. My periods are just off timing wise. They get later each month longest being 45 days. We’ve been trying everything since November and still nothing I saw my nurse and she ordered blood work and that was all nothing else after that. I feel so down, at first I thought I couldn’t get pregnant then when I found out I cried and now it’s not happening and I feel like I’m failing at the one thing I should be good at😔 I’m 10dpo and nothing feels different, was hoping for a bfp for my birthday next week but I know it will be af