Ovulation Test Help

Ok so I’m totally new to this. This is our first month trying to conceive. I’m trying to track my ovulation but I’m feeling lost. My fam tells me not to stress (which I’m not) I just want to understand. Truthfully none of them have used ovulation test and none of my nieces and nephews are planned so in this area, they actually couldn’t help me. So please offer any advice possible. And sorry for any TMI stuff.

Ok so 7/19/2018 is cycle day 8 when clearblue said I should start doing my ovulation test. Based upon a 28 day cycle (I’m like 99% sure mines 28 days). So the digital screen was just a circle so low. Then the strip was pretty obvious on the negative.

This morning I tested for CD9. The digital screen said high. Blinking smiley. But the strip is still negative. So I sitting here like is this test saying I’m in my fertile window even if it’s low??? This is where my confusion started this morning. I uploaded a picture if it helps.

Also I have a few apps bc I don’t know which is best. And I want to do Glows premium but I’m barely even in my first month trying so I don’t feel it’s needed yet.

According to Fitbit my FW is 21-27 OD 26th

Flo FW 19-29 OD 25th

Glow FW 21-27 OD 26th

Ovia just gives me a FW 23-28

These are all for the month of July.

I don’t know exactly what I want when I put the app info. Maybe which do you think seems this best info to follow?? I put my info into these apps all correctly (all the same in all apps). My cycle is pretty straight forward. So I don’t understand why there’s a difference. I do know my OB told me when I’m ready to start trying 14 days from the start of my period I should have sex and I’ll be pregnant. So here I am day 9 since the start of that period. But it just doesn’t seem that simple to me I guess

I appreciate all your advice