GI probs or... 🀰🏻 ??

I know y'all are reading this like wtf??? Just hear me out.

For the past few days I've been having these fluttery twitches around my belly button and sometimes in my upper belly just under my rib. It kind of feels like popping

I'll also get like random pulsating muscles or intestines that's really strong in my belly. It feels kind of like when a muscle is twitching in your leg.

Basically my stomach has been all sorts of active. It keeps gurgling constantly while having those pops and twitches.

I've also had mad diarrhea and my poop has been kind of yellowish and (TMI sorry) mucousy?? But at the same time it's been SO DIFFICULT for me to pass a bowel movement. TMI AGAIN it took me 20 min to pass one tiny thing, and it was a lot of straining. (I have IBS supposedly)

I got blood work back recently and my HCG levels are at 0 but I'm like wtf is going on with my stomach? I haven't felt this before. I'm seeing GI on Monday but wanted opinions.

I had withdrawal sex like 11-12 weeks ago (on birth control but missed a pill) and I saw someone on here saying you can feel shit like that when you're that far along

I'm sorry I'm stupid and scared because I have too much anxiety πŸ˜‚πŸ˜… going to see my GI on Monday