Failed induction


Whelp....I am home after a very long day in L and D trying to induce labor. After two rounds of misoprostal I wasn't given the 3rd dose because my contractions were coming too fast. After 12 hours of contracting every 3-5 minutes it was decided to send me home because my cervix had made zero changes. I was still only at 1 cm. I was even sure my water started leaking during a walk around the halls. The paper test had mixed results. One positive one negative. My hospital is an hour away so it's a little unnerving being sent home with contractions so close together. I'm having a really hard time not blaming myself and being really upset about the whole situation. I feel like in hindsight maybe I knew getting induced today was a bad idea. But I just feel like my midwife knew what was best, and she can't predict that I wouldn't progress. But yet here I am crying off and on partly because I'm in pain and tired of these contractions that are not doing anything and because I feel like a failure and embarrassed 😩

Looks like I'm in for a long night. Worst part is I have to do this all again on Thursday. Not even excited about the idea.