40 and Diabetic

Hi guys this is my first post here... i turned 40 few months ago and been trying to conceive for a year now but nothing is happening. Im a bit scared that with me being diabetic and insulin this is gng to be a lot harder for myself. I came across glow 2 months ago and frm this realised you need to have cervical mucus to conceive. I cant remember the last time i had it..... does that mean im doomed??? Is there anone else here who is diabetic??.... i already have a 19 yr old son. But his so called dad left us when he was 1 years old... after that i wasnt in a rship and really thought that i would never meet anyone again until last year this amazing man walked into my life and crossed all cultural stigmas and decided to marry a divorced woman with a teenage son. This rarely happens in my community esp when he himself has never married. We get a lot of stick frm the community behind our backs and ppl whisper in corners how an old hag like me is gng to gt pregnant and eventually he will leave me if i cant provide him a child.... im quite thick skinned to the public but underneath im withering away with worry. Im just hoping to find ppl on here who r in their 40s diabetic and see what their journey is like.