Should we try ivf again?


Both my husband and I are 40 this year in September and December respectively. We did <a href="">IVF</a> in 2016 which failed at embryo development stage after day 3 (0 out of our 5 fertilised eggs with ICSI grew after day 3). Our clinic said that there was at least a 50% chance it would happen again which would increase to 85% on a 3rd try which we absolutely wouldn’t do if the 2nd try failed. I’m wondering now since I’m coming to 40 whether we should get a second opinion and try again. Bear in mind I live in Southern Ireland where there is no medical insurance or government funding for this so we’d be paying out approximately 10k to try again. So if I was to use my head, given the success rates of between 25-30% of live birth for my age group, it’s really too high a risk but my heart keeps saying “what if”. Have any of you been in this situation before and had positive outcomes.