Siblings with age gap, sharing rooms/bed?

MamaBear🐻🌼 • 26, Mom of two-proud Navy Wife & SAHM

My children are 18 months and 5, and adore each-other! My daughter (the 5 yr old) has been having bad dreams and scared to go to sleep alone at night...

My 18 month old sleeps though the night for the most part but still wakes a few times a week randomly... he’s still in a crib and I’d like him in it as long as possible..

But there is a king bed in his room and my daughter said she would feel safer sleeping in there with him.... having someone in the room with her all night... if my son was just a bit older I would put them both in the king bed!!

I’m thinking about giving it a try but don’t want to cause problems with them them waking each other up in the middle of the night either.

Anyone one have siblings that share a room or sleep together and works out for them?