Husband dosent want a baby any more!

My husband I have been trying to conceive for almost two years now. I have a child from before we got together. I have pocs and my doctor has told me since I have had one I can have another. Other then having pocs which I have had even before having my child years ago she said there are no other issues. My husband is almost 40 and has never had a child and he went to the doctor and they have him taking the T shot which seems to make no change we talked to his doctor they just bumped the dose up. Any how so now he is at the point where he thinks he is to old and is embarrassed to go to a fertility clinic. So he said let's not try any more. I am kinda okay either way. However I am so worried what if he changes his mind later down the road and wants one. We talked about me getting my tubes tied but I was like go to the doctor and check first because what if he has no sperm and I put myself threw the procedure that I never even needed to do to begain with. My husband and I are the best if friends and I love him so much I just worry that later on it may cause problems. Any advice would be great. I really just needed to get this off my cheast.